We are providing a platform to our clients for high-level collaborative strategic consulting services to assist in guiding them through the transition to achieve optimization in all aspects of their business.

Clients’ success is our business, so we are committed passionately to deliver cost-effective, high-quality, innovative, creative and specific solutions timely by with complete transparency to our clients.

We believe in getting involved in projects at the earliest possible stage when strategies and goals are set to offer accurate and focused advice to our clients from the outset in order to ensure that business, as well as technical objectives, are realistically framed in the light of available resources.

Web Design & Development

Web Development is a growing industry. The growth of this industry is being pushed by the companies who wished to sell their products or services thorough their websites. A fully optimized highly responsive, reliable website, having relevant content can make your business strong in the market. A website is said to be a face of your business that represent your products and services. Res Opera International professionals are creating smart Web Sites that will be seen and get connected.

  • Web Designing Services:

Designing and visuals in a websites play vital role to attract visitors. Hiring the best designer for your website is considered as investment as it gives your business a leading growth. Do you want your business stand out? Come and Shine with Res Opera International with advisable Web Design.


  • Web Application Development:

Web Application Development helps you to grow your business through online medium. Do you want to have your own Web Application? Hiring Res Opera International’s professionals will give you a unique experience.

  • E-Commerce Web Development:

Importance of E-commerce in today’s life can’t be denied. E-Commerce Web development provides a platform for buying and selling online. It is the paperless exchange of business information through internet. Come and develop your e-commerce web by Res Opera’s professional to show your existence to the world.

  • Web Maintenance:

Web development and designing is not enough for the growth of your business. As the technology is changing rapidly, so website also needs to be maintained according to advancement of new technologies. Res Opera international is also providing the web maintenance services to its valued clients in order to provide them latest information and overall site improvements, products/services updates, etc and to prevent their website from damages. Res Opera International will provide ad-hoc web design, development, and web maintenance services during normal business hours. For emergency needs, we can coordinate requirements.

Mobile App Development

We Don’t Just Build Apps, We Build Your Business

Mobile Applications are playing important role in business development in today’s scenario. It is the preferred method of sharing information about your business and products/services. Mobile applications make your business visible to visitors all the time. Mobile application Development is creating a direct marketing channel as it provides prices of your products, search features, user accounts and much, much more. By using your own mobile application, you are giving your audience all the related information about new products and services.


Res Opera International is offering a wide range of android application development. We have experienced android developers who develop, plan, design and manage custom and business android applications and their solutions and android games. Once you have developed your own user friendly, eye catching business android application it will contribute major role in creating brand awareness and getting more visitors. Once your visitors get engaged in your app, then sooner they will buy your products/services. So be the first amongst your competitors to offer an android app to your customers by availing the services of highly qualified and experienced professionals of Res Opera international.

Major Types of Mobile Applications We Develop

  • E-commerce Apps

We take your e-store to your buyers’ phones with user-friendly e-commerce app.

  • Business Apps

To optimize your business processes, get an app developed through NIC

  • Game Apps

Raise the client retention with our 2D & 3D gaming applications.

  • Utility Apps

Customized usefulness applications for easy monetization of your business

Software Development

We provide Software Superior By Design

The working environment in the entire world is shifting from traditional style to latest technologies. For the advancement of the business many companies are trying to make their operations paperless and using advanced technology and software, which should cater the entire requirements and fulfill their marketing needs and helps the user to accomplish their desired tasks. In today’s highly competitive environment, every business is looking for tailor-made, cost effective, reliable, high quality, user friendly software that could give speedy, quick and efficient results in each department like HR, Finance, marketing.

Do you want to have your own customized software? Then you need to be very careful in selecting right software developer. Res Opera international is leading software and IT brand which is your partner for software development projects. We have highly experienced software developers and engineers who will give you custom software as per your needs and that boosts operational efficiency of your organization.

We believe that if IT Company doesn’t innovate in software and latest technology then it will be replaced. So our software developers continuously work on applications’ and software’s innovation and maintenance.

Few of our custom software development services are: quality assurance and testing, release management, processes/optimization, project management, requirements management, software design and architecture and software development.

Have You Ever Heard the Phrase?
Work Smarter not harder?

Accomplish all of your business developments from a central location, including safety and permission-based access, document management, dashboard configuration, and template driven configuration. We are offering all kinds of ERP, HRMS, and Payroll solution.

You are Now Able to Work Anywhere on Anything

Increase efficiency with anywhere, anytime access to your business applications from any device when you use cloud computing with web-based applications to your benefit.

Digital Marketing

With the change and evolution of technologies, mostly businesses are going for digital marketing because its eco friendly, flexible, high engagement, small investment with big return. Res Opera international is offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social media Marketing (SMM). Once you have done your site’s SEO, it will help growing your company’s online presence, but point to remember it is not one time project. SEO strategies that are implemented today should be given at least 6 months to show results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

You have probably heard the term “SEO.” It is short form of Search Engine Optimization, a process of getting traffic on your website from free organic, editorial, paid, or natural search results on search engines.

Apart from web development and designing, highly professional SEO team at Res Opera International is offering best quality services of SEO at affordable rates to enhance ranking and grades of your website in search engines. We also have a special offer for our valued clients that if you will avail our web development services, we will give you free SEO services for 1st three months.

  1. On-Page SEO includes Meta tags, SEO title & SEO Description, short & descriptive URLs, keywords enriched content for web using Google keywords planner, appropriate keyword density, using 100% original images, videos, audios with alt tags, inbound and outbound linking, and social sharing tags.
  2. Off-page SEO includes Social networking, Social bookmarking sites, forum submissions, blog submissions, article submission, directories,
  3. Technical SEO includes installation of essential tools (like yoast, Google search console, webmaster tool, Website auditor), indexing. Sitemap, optimization of metadata, fixing of broken links, optimization of site speed,

Social Media Marketing (SMO):

SMO stands for Social Media Marketing. Social Media marketing is referred to internet marketing by creating and sharing written, audio and video content with your target audience. It’s an effective way to interact with your customers and achieve your marketing and branding goals. Social media platforms like Face book, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, etc are user friendly platforms to deal with. Res Opera International have trained and certified (by these platforms) staff who will handle your social media and promote your business by using marketing strategies effectively.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

SEM refers to Search Engine Marketing. In today’s increasingly competitive market it is one of the most effective ways of marketing to grow your business by using paid advertisement on Google ad-sense that appears at top 10 on search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Trained professionals at Res Opera International provide you the services of Search Engine Marketing to improve the visibility of your website in search engines at affordable rates by using Google ad-words planner, Google analytics effectively.

Graphic Designing

We Bring Your Idea on Canvas

Designing is all about creativity and creativity is all around us; the dresses we wear, the interiors in our home. Graphic designing is the process to create and combine images, text and symbols to visually represent any idea. Visuals play important role to attract and retain your visitors. We craft modern visual that helps to attract the target audience and create long-term success.

Everyone can’t do designing but the creative minds can do it, Res Opera International has team of creative designers who will shape your ideas into colors. Our artistic designers have talent and proclivity for creating intuitive, attractive and engaging website designs. That investment and passion motivate and energize us to create as designing is our passion.

We offer:

  1. Corporate Identity:

Corporate Identity is considered as the brand identity of your business. Competition can be fierce so in order to compete with your competitors it is essential for you to develop a unique brand identity. And for this you must have right graphics in logo and all other marketing materials. Your audience will get information about your products and services by these marketing materials. So the corporate identity is the physical manifestation of a brand. Res Opera International provides high quality services to create your brand awareness among right audience. Res Opera International has the team to design your website and other marketing materials which will surely give your business a brand identity. We’re confident that our experienced and qualified professionals can be a valuable addition to your company.

  1. Logo Design:

Logo is the visual and graphic representation of a company’s brand.

  • Logo gives your company’s brands a visual representation and brand identity.
  • An attractive and creative logo helps you to attract new and potential customers.
  • Logo provides an overview of what you actually do
  • Its symbol that provides your consumer with powerful brand recognition of your business.
  • Selection of right logo can give your business, a great success.

Do you want to design or redesign a creative and unique logo for your brand? Our creative and professional designer will provide you the best logo which put your business at the top among competitors.

  1. Business Card Design & Letterhead & Envelops Design:

Letterhead is not only the means of correspondence but also a physical representation of your company. And a well designed business card will served as road map to opportunity. It could lead to a great business partnership and new business opportunities.

Are you looking for letterhead & card designs that catch your customer’s breath? We are offering you best and smart business cards & letter head designs at affordable rates.

  1. Brochure, Flyer & Catalog Designs:

Brochure helps to keep your customers informed about the new products or services launched by you. Res Opera International also designs unique brochure, flyer & catalogs which gives précised information about the products or services to the target audience.

  1. Magazine, Social Media and Newspaper ad Design:

Do you want to design your own business magazine to keep your audience engaged and informed about your new services? Res Opera international also deals with magazine and newspaper ads. Come and hire services of our highly professional and best designer team.

IT Management
YOU’RE whole IT SUPPORT COMPANY. In the highly efficient corporate landscape, technology is a vital component in accomplishing success. Having a technological advantage is key to succeeding in the highly competitive corporate landscape of Dubai. Developing a robust technological infrastructure comprising the latest IT solutions is vital to inspiring the performance of your business, above your competitors. With a comprehensive IT framework, you can boost your communication channels, increase operational efficiency, improve business process flexibility, and develop scalability. With these improvements in place, you can generate better productivity from your assets and resources, translating to a profitable return on investment. If you are in need of world-class professional IT services, partner with Euro Tech, the premier IT Support Company in Dubai and UAE.
WE DELIVERING COMPREHENSIVE IT SERVICES IN PAKISTAN UAE & KUWAITAs the premier IT Company in UAE, we have a firm commitment to providing the highest quality services to our clients. We offer a complete suite of solutions that are designed to meet the modern structural needs of business and companies today. Our suite of services includes the following solutions:
  1. Server Installation, Configuration & management
  2. DNS & Domain Controller
  3. Networking
  4. PABX
  5. Security Cameras Installation and Configuration
  6. 24/7 system monitoring
  7. Router system installation and management
  8. Security firewall management
  9. Corporate-grade anti-virus solutions
  10. VPN solutions
  11. Specialised outsourced IT service plans
  12. Computer maintenance contracts
  13. Complete IT migration
With nearly a decade of experience serving the UAE, we have developed a heightened sensitivity to the needs of the market. As such, we have localised our IT solutions to meet the unique needs of technological infrastructures in the region. We understand there are physical challenges that are unique to the region. As an IT company in JLT, our professionals combine technical expertise with experience working in the region to provide services that are designed to provide the support companies need to overcome speed bumps to growth.
THE CONVENIENCE OF HAVING A SINGLE IT SOLUTIONS COMPANY FOR EVERYTHING YOU NEEDPartnering with Euro Tech allows you the accessibility of having one point of contact for everything you need for your system. Whether you are a fledgling venture or a fast-growing mid-sized company, we can create a tailored support package that caters to your particular requirements.
Analysis and Optimization
  1. Receiving more from your servers optimizing them for all-out act and efficiency.
    Exploratory your servers’ strengths and weaknesses analyzing their act and nonstop conducting stress tests.
    Continuously thoughtful about the data stored on servers acting backups and data repossession if obligatory.
  2. Given that server holder with consulting services and counsel on an extensive range of topics connected to servers’ act.
    Continually analyzing the market to offer our clients the most able technologies and products.
  3. On customer additional request.
Pick one of the server management options above or communication us for a detailed technology assessment.  We would be happy to elaborate and clarify every feature of our server management services to you in a clear and easy to comprehend method.  Let’s get started today!
TROUBLESHOOTING & MAINTENANCEKeeping our finger on the pulse of your servers the proactive 24/7 monitoring helps us to rapidly identify any deviation from the norm. The monitoring system is a REMSYS unique in-house development that allows avoiding false alarm responses. The servers are monitored 24x7x365 at five-minute intervals. In case the problem is not resolved within 10 minutes, the server sends a message to the owners, alerting them to the problem. Ensuring the safety of your servers. First of all by carefully setting the security and conducting periodic audits thereafter. Specialized security audits are performed upon customer’s request.With a decade of accumulated experience, Remsys successfully implements high accessibility results for various projects: ranging from large online retailers to vast websites with multimillion audiences. We are capable to meet demanding high availability necessities from our clients. Depending on the objectives, the time-frame and the completion level of a project, our clients can choose different options for cooperation.